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Is your current website optimized for mobile? Take out your smart phone or pad and take a look at your website. Would you spend any time looking through your site from your mobile phone? Most websites are not mobile optimized and are leaving a ton of money on the table. It is incredibly important that you not only have a well designed web presence but you must have an optimized website and blog for Mobile that communicates with your prospects and customers often. This is how someone comes to know, like and trust you online. What you have to offer in information is what counts online. Content is King and is what Google uses to rank businesses along with the traffic they are getting including their social media and mobile presence. The more people that connect with you to get what you offer, the higher the importance you rank on the web including from mobile phones.  Just having a website to post your business and information is not enough to bring you customers off the web to your business. Over half of all local searches are being done from a mobile hand held device. You may not realize the incredible amount of business that would come to you if you were mobile optimized and you are found on the first page of a local google search and other search engines. We can make that happen for you.

We build award winning mobile responsive optimized websites and blogs, capture pages, landing pages, lead generation pages, sales pages, videos and mobile websites too and even can maintain them and update your information for you, which is critical for your success. Check out our website designs here. 
Our goal is to have you be in the first page on google and other search engines for a local search in your business category and keep you there. This means huge increases in sales. Through our specialized video marketing services we can get you found.

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Best of Layton 2013 Website Design AwardIn today’s world you simply have to be online   and you have to be mobile optimized as well. 

You have to be able to be found online easily. The internet is still the future, but using mobile is where it is happening!

Did you know that…..
·         1 out of 3 of all online searches are local searches. (Piper Jaffray) Over 60% of the searches are now being made from a mobile device.
·         Over 2.6 Billion Local searches performed online every month! (Piper Jaffray)
·         83% of people first search online before making a Local product or service purchase. (Kelsey Group)
·         98% of searchers choose a business found on page 1. If you don’t show up on page 1 of any Local search, you won’t get business from the internet and is probably why you think your website and the internet doesn’t work for you.
·         If you are spending money on traditional print advertising you are wasting your money. Very few people are looking at newspapers or yellow pages. The majority of people go to a business from a local search or because it was recommended by a friend in person or on Facebook.
You don’t have the time with all your business demands to learn how to do this and implement what is needed in today’s world. The answer is simple and easy. Get a Local marketing expert to do it for you for less than you could do it yourself.

Did you know that…..
·         We can turn you into being the #1 authority online and the place to go for your Local market segment.
·         You can go from not even close to page 1 of google to being there and everywhere else online – You can be found, found, found!!
·         In “Local Search”, “Natural Search”, “PPC”, “Content” in the top ten, more “Consumer Reviews” than anyone else (and more).
·         Prospects can be looking for goods and services you offer and choosing you first. Your customers can be choosing you first over and over again. You can’t afford to lose your customers to someone else that can replace you because they are found online easier and you are not.
·         Instead of wasting money on traditional print advertising like newspaper ads, yellow pages, mailers and others, you can spend far less and get far greater results using online marketing and advertising. Prospects and customers will find you where they are, on Facebook, or searching on their computers, on their smart phones, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and pads or Blackberry. You can attract better customers and more customers from mobile devices that will generate more income than you can imagine.

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