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Social Media is where it is at. Facebook now has about 1 billion members. You may not know that Google+ (it's new social media division) is growing faster than Facebook and has features and capabilities that are awesome. Many experts believe it will quickly approach Facebook. You must get your presence or claim your listing on Google+ Local as soon as possible. It also helps in dramatic ways to increase your google rankings. It is now social media, video and mobile that are the driving forces in search engine rankings. Doing these three and some other things we offer, we will get you on page 1 of google local search. Pinterest in the new little sister social media site for women. We can't forget Twitter either to create the synergy we want in out marketing. We have highly effective strategies and tools to market in each of these social media platforms.

Never in the history of the world is it easier to get your information out there and be able to find who it is that wants what you have to offer.

The problem is knowing how to do this and knowing what works and what doesn't. Let a marketing expert put your social media marketing pieces together so you are found online and thousands come to know you, like you and trust you, so will then purchase from you. Adding Mobile marketing to Social Media is huge and let's not forget the emailing will always have a place in our communications!

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Looking for a bigger return on those email or social marketing investments? Include both email and social initiatives in the campaign finds new research from VerticalResponse. In a new study, the company reports open rates increase when brands use a combination email and social marketing approach to campaigns.

According to the report businesses who engage in social marketing efforts in addition to using the VerticalResponse email platform say open rates 28% higher than brands who don't use email and social in tandem.

Those using a combined email-social approach most, by industry, are Non-Profits, Real Estate, Marketing/Advertising, Internet and Health/Wellness companies.

"This is really compelling evidence showing those who combine email marketing and social media obtain greater results from their campaigns, especially among small and mid-sized businesses that represent the majority of our customer base," said Janine Popick, VerticalResponse CEO. "The numbers clearly show that those who broadcast content across multiple online touch points are getting a lot more engagement than those who don't."

By the way, the email-social combination does have different effects for different business categories. Music brands, for example, have a 32% open rate when using an email/social approach. Other industries doing email/social well include Consumer Electronics (31.7% open rates), Financial Services (22.6% open rates) and Motion Pictures/Film (21.9% open rates).

As for where social marketing focus should go, Facebook and Twitter are the heaviest hitters. According to eMarketer Facebook's growth began slowing in 2011 - not surprising based on the number of users through 2010 - while Twitter's usage has increased by nearly 32% in the last year.

Researchers analyzed a sampling of more than 3,000 users from Roost by VerticalResponse and their email marketing service.