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Give Rewards and Incentives To Who?

Everything in life and business is driven by incentives. Think about it!

To increase production and activity you must....

Reward Customers and/or Prospects when they....

  • Sample your product
  • Buy your product
  • Sign up for a program
  • Renew membership
  • Upgrade a service
  • Purchase frequently
  • Meet with a salesperson
  • Complete a Survey
  • Win a Contest or Drawing
  • Refer new customers
Reward Employees when they...

  • Reach a Sales Goal 
  • Refer a new employee
  • Earn employee of the month
  • Win an internal contest
  • Earn a service reward
  • Reach performance goals
  • Increase efficiency
  • Remain injury free
  • Earn Employee Bonus
  • Win a Prize
 Reward Dealers and/or Distributors when they....
  • Expand their territory 
  • Sell more of your product
  • Launch your new product
  • Resolve a customer service issue on your behalf
  • Earn a service reward
  • Move your product to the front of the store
  • Win a contest or drawing
  • Maintain their sales numbers in a down time