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Leads (Prospects) Specific for Your Business

We have multiple lead generation systems in place to acquire leads for your business at varying costs. It is best to have a consultation so we can see what your needs are, then we can determine what lead program would be the best for you and fits your budget.

There has recently been released very expensive but extremely effective online lead generation software that has been developed over the last 4 years that provides specific business leads of those who are looking online to find a business to fulfill their need.

This is very limited and we can give this service for only one businesses in their category in each specific area. This guarantees your success with plenty of business when most everyone else doesn't know how to reach the great prospects who are looking. 

This service requires a one time set up fee of $5,000 and a monthly fee of around $300-$500 or more depending on the number of leads we provide for you.  Large National businesses are paying $20-40,000 for this service but by working with me and my firm you can get this at a reasonable cost. If you are in Real Estate or a roofer or plumber with larger jobs and commissions, just one paying customer would pay for this service. Imagine getting 10 of these kinds of leads every week and what that would do to your bottom line. We guarantee the best prospects looking for what you sell in your area! You won't believe how much business this will bring you!

Call Nick at 801-529-5226 to immediately get your area before someone else takes it.