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Key to Paradise Getaway Vacations - Incentive
Key to Paradise Getaway vacations: 3 day 2 night getaways or stays at multiple locations across the US. This offers a Complete online fulfillment system using codes that can be sent by email or you can print out actual paper certificates. We send you the codes or set up the system for you and you give or email codes to your prospects or customers or hand them a certificate you have printed up. Great promotional and incentive tool. They want everyone to travel so you can rest assured this incentive will be fulfilled for your customers. They will assume the customer will go through a vacation presentation at a resort but it is not required and the consumer just has to so no.  If the customer says no they will give them the contact information to get their vacation stay, but will not be at a resort, but a three star hotel.
Click on the certificate image below for detailed information. Call Nick at 801-529-5226 to order today!
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Actual Key to Paradise certificate - Click on image below to see detail.