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Here's your opportunity to get new customers quickly. Customers love a deal and this is a first step in developing a new customer for life. We are looking for business partners who want to make a deep discount offer on OSN Daily Deals that will drive new customers to your business. Our goal is to get you new customers then use other marketing tools to get them to return again and again so you can build huge profits.

You must capture every new customer's information so you can market to them over and over again and get them to return over and over again.

Two things work the best. 1- A mobile website with text messaging so you can send them special offers and  2- web pages that capture their email information as a club or as a vip member so you can send them emails with special offers.

We have a fabulous Mobile Web App marketing system that will accomplish this!

We recommend your put special offers inside your business that cause people to opt in to your lists. It is important you reach your customers where they are and that is on their phones and on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Let us get you found, found, found and get you sales, sales, sales and more sales. Let us help you fill your business with many more customers through offering deals that customers will take action on. Let us massively increase your profits through creating and implementing strategic mobile sites and mobile apps and back end follow through marketing systems that continue to touch your customers.

Let us make your phones ring, your doors swing, and your cash registers sing.

Call Nick at 801-989-5809 or 801-529-5226 or fill out the form below and we will get back with you for a consultation to step up an entire marketing system guaranteed to work for you. Our fees for this advertising is lower than other groupon like sites.

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The Way of The Future, The Future in Daily Deal Marketing    Sept 19, 2012

This from an interesting report from BIA/KELSEY, a research
and forecast firm with strong emphasis on media and advertising.
The report forecasts that “U.S. consumer spending on online deals
(including daily deals, instant deals and flash sales) to reach
$3.6 billion in 2012, an increase of 86.9 percent over 2011.”

An increase of 86% is huge and tells us a few things.

1. People are doing more and more shopping from the comfort of
their own homes.

2. People love getting deals. Whether it’s an item that a shopper
has waited for to appear on a deal site, or whether it’s an impulse
buy is beyond the point. I personally find myself engaging in both
activities, and I imagine I’m not alone.

3. The economy still has people looking for the best prices out there.

BIA/Kelsey also projects a “23 percent growth in deals spending
in 2013, followed by mid-single-digit growth in later years.
This translates into deals spending climbing to $5.5 billion
in 2016.”

The online deals space hasn’t been around long and has quickly
climbed up the ‘spending’ ladder. Market awareness, while you
and I might be baffled that someone has not heard of the deal
space or how it operates, still has a ways to go, along with
market penetration.

Also of interest from the same report:
“More than one-quarter (26 percent) of small businesses surveyed
said they are either “very likely” (15 percent) or “extremely
likely” (11 percent) to participate in a deal in the next six
months. An additional 24.3 percent said they are “somewhat likely”
to do so, indicating more than half of the small businesses
surveyed have a favorable view of deals.”

This is good news and while the report doesn’t go so far as to
say what percentage of those small businesses who are UN-likely
to participate in a deal in the next six months because they got burned
by one of the big players. We at OSN Daily Deals have been seeing
for some time now that the deal space is moving into local and niche
markets, where smaller players like us put more emphasis on their
relationships with vendors, versus the big sites who just pound away
at sales, sales, sales and have hurt many businesses.

Groupon customers may be loyal after all

A new survey by Foresee Results puts daily deals websites in a better light than previous reports. It reveals that daily deal sites the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial can create loyal customers and repeat business.

Over the past year some businesses have expressed disappointment with daily deals sites. Many found the customers they attracted were 'stingy' and repeat business was unsatisfactory.

In July last year UK-based copywriting boutique Cooper Murphy released findings that showed that far from building a brand or clientele, daily deals were attracting opportunists out for a bargain and who were unlikely to become regular customers or spend anything more than required to benefit from a coupon.

A month earlier research by Rice University found that just 1 in 5 daily deal redeemers came back again to make a full-price purchase.

But a new survey of 10,000 daily deal users by Foresee Results puts a far better spin on the habits of customers. It found that 44% of those that had redeemed a daily deal offer had gone back to the business again after redeeming the offer. Furthermore, another 47% said they plan to revisit a business they have redeemed a daily deal coupon with.

Just 3% said they had no plans at all to revisit a business and 6% were unsure.

"No one really knew what to expect when daily deal sites first came on the scene, but our research shows that these sites are no passing fad," said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee.

"Businesses that use these sites effectively are growing their customer base and customers are getting a deal, which results in a win for everyone. The challenge is for businesses to use this tool in smart ways and to work with daily deal sites who can deliver a good experience to users and merchants alike."